establishment 1990 ArC2 Sp.z o.o.
form a limited liability company whose shareholders are the main designers
shareholders Mariusz Szlachcic, Dorota Szlachcic, Renata Gajer
one-man board - Mariusz Szlachcic
management group
Małgorzata Długosz - preparation of investments
Ryszard Machoń - realisation of investments
Ludwika Bogusz - accounting
team 24 persons, including 12 architects (there is a possibility of quick team enlargement by additional 8 persons, basing on the partner companies that are managed by ArC2's ex-apprentices)
insurance WARTA S.A
- design of architectural objects
- carrying out of multi-branch documentation in cooperation with branch partner       companies
- planning work-outs along with the necessary site analyses
- organization of public bids
- investor and author supervision along with the cost control
- necessary activities required for the closure of the investment