facility housing estate
adress Wroc│aw
- ul. Bajana 13-35, 31 a-d, 15 a-c
- ul. Latawcowa 21
design XI 1999-X 2000
building permit 5 VII 2000 - 1235-IV/00
put into operation XII 2001

total number of apartments 250
buildings/number of apartments
A/91, B/56, C/35,  D/68
apartment floorage
- one-room apartment 32-41 m2
- two-room apartment 51-56 m2
- three-room apartment 63-86 m2
number of storeys
4 overground storeys, 1 underground storey
parking places 147 in hall garages

apartments are privetly owned and managed by the Combined Cooperative and Proprietary Housing Association 'Szˇstka'

I place in competition of Lower Silesia's Year Building organized by Wroclaw's Polish Union of Engineers and Technics of Building Industry Department .

Yhe winner of competition for prettiest building 2002 in XV Wroclaw's Builders Club competition, organized by Wroclaw's Amateur Society.